Your Roadmap to Cycling Adventure

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A Bicycle Passport Gives You Access To

 Instant Route Information
 Route Maps
 Rider Reports
 Comprehensive Rider Resources
 Nearby Sights, Dining, & Lodging
 An Active Community of Riders

Bicycle Passport

Our Story. A shared passion and love for cycling.

Our story began in 2016 at 30,000 feet. Our founder, an avid cyclist flying over Colorado, reflected on his passion for cycling adventure and desire for something more than tours and organized rides. Rides that would provide community and freedom for cyclists to decide their rides, their schedule, and their pace. Rides that were epic and yet accessible to enthusiasts of all ages.


Bicycle Passport was born as a road map to cycling adventure, first in Colorado. You receive a physical Passport together with access to detailed rider resources from our website. In one place, comprehensive information for 41 epic rides over 10,000 feet on improved roads – all developed to simplify your rider decisions. Comprehensive rider resources, maps and information allow you to focus on your quest for adventure. Get your passport now, use our rider resources, and ride!

What’s next for you on your bicycle? See Colorado like never before.

Bicycle Passport is your quest, and your own personal adventure. Use the links below to shop for cycling gear, discover your next ride, and connect with the community in our rider forum.

Join our community to get ride reports, maps, trip information and more… let us do the work!

The Mountain Passes

Check out our list of 41 mountain passes over 10,000 feet that are part of the challenge.

Extend the Challenge

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