Adventure Disasters Can Be Avoided – A Gear Checklist for Cyclists

Adventure Disasters Can Be Avoided – A Gear Checklist for Cyclists

Every outing on your bike is an adventure!  That’s why we do it. Bicycle Passport’s Quest is centered around a sense of adventure.  It is about experiencing new milestones and building a community of like-minded people. Some of your jaunts are memorable and some you just want to forget, especially when you haven’t pack your essential gear. Start your next cycling escapade out on the right foot/pedal. Being mindful of any problems you might encounter along the way and pack accordingly.

Here is a quick checklist to prepare you for a safe, fun, and memorable journey.

Rain Gear — Keep your load to a minimum, but don’t cut corners…Particularly in the mountains of Colorado!!  Count on rain because when you don’t you surely will get caught in it. Do you really feel like spending hours in soggy gear, or be chilled to the bone and unable to enjoy the remainder of your ride. Take along lightweight rain gear—you will be thankful you did!

Tools — Not all of ‘multi-tools’ are created equal, but this tool is essential. Cycling Weekly has a good review of products that will guide you  in making the best choice. You get what you pay for. Look for quality, variety in your tool and lighter weight material (carbon fiber over aluminum). At minimum your tool should consist of various Allen keys, flat and Phillips head screwdrivers, a torque wrench and a chain breaker. 

Tire Pump — This is mandatory.  There are a number of options to choose from. Nothing is better than a floor pump, but let’s be realistic. Bulk and weight doesn’t cut it.  A hand pump is a good option for limited space. Purchasing a quality and effective pump is key. Look for a good valve and a pump that achieves high psi with the least effort. CO2 cartridges are another alternative although you should pack a few cartridges.

Tire Repair Kit — After speaking with a number of cyclists, conducting 96 hours of testing and changing and patching 50 tires, Wirecutter created a guide to help cyclists find the Mack Daddy, Queen of the Amazon, Nothing is Stopping Us essential tire repair kit; they chose the Rema TT 02 Touring Repair Kit. It is fairly compact and comes with patches, sandpaper and vulcanizer (aka the glue).  

Spare Tubes — Not one (1), but two (2). Why multiple tubes when you have the repair kit?  Although you hate to deal with one flat, can you fathom a second w/o a spare!! Anticipate the length and road/path conditions of your adventure, the chances of needing the patch kit and the tubes increases. One  Bicycle Passport member had to replace three tubes in one weekend…rough going. They thought ahead and had several spares. Whew!!!

Tire Levers Times Two — An essential tool for easy tire removal! Even though you may not need to use them someone will.  Check to make sure that the tube changing must haves are stowed in your gear bag.

Chain Links — Links for your chain is another good adventure-ending preventative. 

First Aid Necessities — An adventure killing blister or a cut on your hand can be a source of annoyance on your ride. Carry a small tube of Neosporin, a few regular band-aids and at least one large band-aid/patch (weighs nothing and takes up little room). A small tube of sunscreen can also be a lifesaver.  We recommend sunscreen sticks for the ease of transport. 

Tape — An ultra small rolls of duct tape or electrical tape can be handy dandy. You may need it to MacGyver something along the route. It is small enough and you certainly won’t regret taking it.

Food and Drink Nutrition and Hydration goes without saying.  Calculating your consumption of calories and fluid intake is critical.  Make sure you have a solid supply of energy bars, nuts and dried fruits, or other protein. Prepare your favorite bicycling beverage to stay hydrated.

Preparing for those ups and downs on your adventure. What’s in your pack?

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