Eisenhower Tunnel Petition

A small request with big significance for bicycling in Colorado


The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) denied our modest request to open Eisenhower Tunnel to bicyclists for two hours on one quiet Sunday morning. (Yet CDOT closed Eisenhower tunnel to allow a supercar to speed through it!) Have questions? We have answers - read more on the blog.

If CDOT won’t allow this very limited access, what does it say about bicyclists’ ability to share other Colorado roads?


Whether or not you’d like to ride through the Eisenhower Tunnel, please:

          1. Sign our online petition to demonstrate you support basic bicycle access.
          2. Opt in to receive email updates so you can follow our progress.
          3. Share this page and ask others join you in standing up for bicycling – for our state’s health, economy and environment.


          Special Event Bicycle Ride through the Eisenhower Tunnel.