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    There wasn’t much in Rustic, but there was a little store, bathrooms and a place to park. The climb was nice even if we did start a little late and it got hot. I was suffering a bit on this day, so really enjoyed that there was so little traffic on the way up. Wide shoulders lined with thick woods made for an enjoyable day to suffer. The top was a wide open parcel, but not quite the views I was hoping for. So down we went and it was fast and fun. Four of us screamed down hill and into the flats. Yah frigging flats long before we wanted them to take us into Walden. The head wind was horrible and bit demoralizing but we were able to share pulling and even did a little motor pacing to get across the flats and battle the wind – Don’t tell Bulldog! The arrival into Walden was fun and welcomed. To the bar for a cold one and snacks, well deserved after battling Cameron Pass.

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