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    May 14th Matt B and I found great weather for a last minute decision to take a ride over Berthoud. We started on Rte 40 somewhere between Tabernash and Granby. Temps were about 62 degrees and the road was clear. It’s a good long climb up to the top of Berthoud, but the road is wide with plenty of shoulder to enjoy yourself. At the top the temp had dropped about 20 degrees and we had some snow falling as we started our descent down into Empire. But typical Colorado weather prevailed and the sun came back out and warmed as we got about half way down. It was a bit windy so we were cautious on the way down, but boy this could be a screaming descent on a clear day. Down to Empire and then a short pedal back up hill to Georgetown.

    Lucky us we found the fairly new Guanella Pass Brewery in downtown Georgetown. This place is definitely worth a visit. Small, clean, great beer and sodas if you choose. The owner and staff were great. Can’t wait to stop back here when I get a chance to ride Guanella Pass!

    Mark Nadeau

    This sounds awesome! Much better than the business meeting we were in yesterday at Lakewood. The ride up, I can confirm, is actually fun passing through Winter Park. The descent is everything you could ever want on the south side. I hear (no personal knowledge admitted here) that the ice cream shop in Empire is nice.

    Congrats to Peter & Matt!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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