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    Yesterday morning Matt B and I set off from the Goergetown visitors center parking lot to conquer Guanella and Kenosha Passes. Heading out of Georgetown the pass starts up in haste, with a few miles of fairly steep road and switchbacks. But the views also come fast looking out to the east and down valley. This pass is stunning all the way to the top with many steep pitches, glistening mountain lakes and this time of year waterfalls. There was plenty of snow up high on the pass still and the campgrounds were full. The descent was absolutely amazing with fresh pavement starting in just a couple miles from the top. The views are amazing and it is definitely a top speed run all the way down to Grant. In Grant right on the corner of Rte 285 is a little junk shop to grab cold water and drinks. There is also an outdoor BBQ joint just before you reach 285, but we didn’t get a chance to try it.

    We took a right on to 285 and immediately started a gradual climb toward the top of Kenosha Pass. Ride this one early as the traffic was a bit heavy and fast on this day. The climb is nice and not nearly as steep as Guanella. At the top of Kenosha the view out to the west is filled with beautiful green ranch lands and the mountains beyond them. We rode down into Jefferson and concluded our ride at the Hungry Moose with a beer and a burger. Well worth the ride!

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