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    WHEW. This is a bear of a hill. Starting in Fairplay, visit the Brown Burro for lunch or breakfast. Ride the bike path to Alma (a good way to stay away from the cars and decently maintained). Pass through Alma..the highest city in Colorado…and some great little stores (including the AL-MART..a play on someone else’s store). Then commence the ride over the beaver ponds and up the four steep miles to the top of the pass. Again, no bike lane, but if you take the ride on off peak days and at off peak hours, you will be fine…if your legs hold out. Arrival at the top is 11,542 feet. Don’t believe the board sign erected by your Forest Service. Instead look at the stone marker next to the stone put in place by the surveyors. The huge mountains surround the pass, and the 14,000 foot Quandry Peak make for a real sense of accomplishment, and a day well spent!

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