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    If you ever stay at the Devil’s Thumb Resort in Tabernash, CO., (during the summer — winter it becomes a cross-x ski haven) then you must ride south past Frazier & Winter Park for an unbelievably interesting ride, and some serious exercise. Frazier is one of the coldest spots during the winter that Colo has to offer. But, in summer, people are sun worshipers and the shorts are on. As you ride south, there is a wide and comfortable bike path that protects you from some of the busy summer traffic. That is — until you pass into the Winter Park Ski Area site and beyond. Take in the WP ski area as it looks in the summer– and note all of the investment in making you play on their slopes in summer! Mountain Biking, slides, events abound. After you pass WP and the famous west portal to the Moffat Tunnel (for trains — and ski trains), you begin the journey up the curves of Berthoud Pass. Steep, long, and high. No real bike path, but most people are astounded to see someone on a bicycle so they wave — even the truckers. The views are resplendent, and the summit is welcome! Hikers and dogs everywhere. 🙂 Then enjoy the descent to Empire and get some ice cream!!

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