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    This is the ultimate ride and pass conquering mission out there. Road from Grand Lake to Estes (twice now) and still I want more. This ride gets you Milner, Iceberg and Trail Ridge High Point Passes all in one stunning experience. Nice flat to gradual up for the first 10 miles or so before you really start going up toward Milner Pass, a false summit along the route. As you get above tree line and then stay above tree line for a really long time it really feels like you have been transported to the Alps. The views and wildlife sightings are absolutely unbelievable. Nice little rest stop if needed near the top at the Alpine visitors center. The road does narrow a bit toward the top with a narrow shoulder. Once again ride this one early and midweek if possible to avoid the cars up high. We got stuck behind a paving operation on the way down into Estes, but still awesome and be sure to take in all the views on the way up and down, Amazing….. Be sure you can look around and keep you bike on the pavement, you wouldn’t want to fall off this one!

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