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    There is more to TN if you approach from the north. Try it from south to north after combining with Fremont. That approach is easy and through meadows. Not much climbing really, mostly because you’ve started so high on the planet at Leadville. History is all around you — massive peaks (YES, that is MT. Massive in the background to the west — read more clearly: AWESOME!). That took some history to get up to that height! Then, of course, the Leadville mining stories including the Unsinkable Molly Brown (see, Titanic). After that (and a visit to a Leadville bar for a burger), you roll through meadows along side some of the old railroad grades left behind by the trains hauling ore and lumber. Climbing to TN pass you have to get ready for what is behind the hill and down in the valley — the former HQ for the 10th Mountain Division — where our WWII army learned to combat the winter and the German troops in the high mountains of Europe. To really top it off, you reach SKI Cooper on top of the mountain. There is a lot to take in and fun all around. Keep your eyes west on the descent and Look at the Mt. Holy Cross. And, this is Moose country. Not too many autos. Some motorcycles on tour.

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