Hiring a Health and Fitness Coach To Switch Up Your In-Home Exercise Routines

Hiring a Health and Fitness Coach To Switch Up Your In-Home Exercise Routines

Anyone else day-dreaming about the wind in your face as you coast your bicycle down a mountain pass? It can’t be just me. With the current shelter-in-place orders common across much of the United States – and even the world – it’s natural to get a little stir crazy. Furthermore, while we sit in our homes doing our 10th 1000-piece puzzle, we can only imagine we are witnessing our hard-earned muscles disappearing before our very eyes.

If you can’t leave your home to exercise, you have to bring exercise into your home. Physical activities are a great way to keep both your sanity and your fitness during this time at home. If you have trouble motivating yourself at home, usually attend a gym, or work with a personal trainer, consider hiring a health and fitness coach to help you.

Should You Hire A Virtual Fitness Coach?

Hiring a personal trainer can help you find the motivation you need to exercise. Having someone to keep you on track can be great if you aren’t up to the task yourself. As valuable as a fitness coach may be, they can be expensive too. On the other hand, having an online fitness coach can be a great way to replace the gym you can’t attend right now.

Pros of Hiring An Online Fitness Coach

An online fitness coach may communicate via phone, Skype, email, or another online system. You might discuss goals, plan at-home workouts, and have conversations that keep you accountable. Online training is very flexible and can be done no matter how long we have to stay in our homes. Another upside to virtual training is that you can get help from a trainer located just about anywhere; you aren’t limited to the fitness coaches in your town or city.

Cons of Hiring An Online Fitness Coacht

The downside to a virtual health coach is the lack of in-person facetime. Without that human contact, the in-person help and support, you may feel a lack of accountability. Unless you workout live with your coach, there’s no one to check your form or provide additional motivation for you to really push yourself. This can hinder the achievement of your goals, in the long run,  leading to frustration or even injury. In addition, the quality of online trainers can widely vary. Look for those who, at a minimum, have a certification from a major institution such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine or American Council on Exercise.

Where To Find Virtual Wellness Coaches

Before you start looking for a virtual coach, be clear what kind of coaching you are interested in. If you only want help with exercise routines, look for a fitness coach. If you’re interested in help with your diet as well, consult a health coach who can provide those services.


If you’re just looking for an online workout to follow, consider a video site like Youtube. Youtube has innumerable workouts online that you can follow along with. The major downside to these kinds of websites is that there is no real back and forth with the trainer producing the videos. They may still be able to provide motivation and inspiration, but it will not be catered specifically to you.

Ask Your Doctor

A great place to start when looking for a health coach is by asking a doctor, nurse, psychologist, or other medical professional. They will likely refer you to a credible health coach whose skill set meets your needs.


Websites geared towards searching for professional services, such as Thumbtack.com, can be helpful when looking for a wellness coach. You can search for local health coaches or find someone who is completely virtual.

Health Coach Companies

Some companies specialize specifically in health coaches. Noom is a popular health and wellness company that incorporates health coaches into their program. These coaches are 100% virtual and provide valuable information on diet, nutrition, and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Staying Fighting Fit

No one knows just what is in store for us or how the world might look once we leave our homes. While we’re stuck inside, physical exercise is one way to keep ourselves physically and mentally healthy. Hiring a virtual fitness coach could provide the motivation you need to get yourself moving each day. They can provide inspiration, information, and socialization to help you achieve your goals while we survive lockdown.

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