Meet a Cyclist: Ryan Walls

Meet a Cyclist: Ryan Walls

Hi, my name is Ryan. I’m old, grey and failing. This is the year of 50 and I just can’t get my head around that. I have worked for Troon for 20+ years and currently am enjoying the flat roads of Florida leading a wonderful private club in Palm Beach Gardens. Cycling is my get-away. My dear wife of 25 years puts up with my leg shaving and my 11 and 13 year old girls don’t make too much fun of my kits. I’m very thankful.

Why did you decide to become a cyclist? Why do you ride?

I grew up in Indiana and most certainly influenced by Breaking Away to start enjoying bikes many years ago. Got back into it again about 10 years ago to regain control of my health. I ride so I can relax, get-away, stay healthy and I enjoy the internal push and beauty of it all.

What has been your favorite bicycle ride?

We have enjoyed many rides with the Bicycle Passport crew in places I could only dream of. Ending our ride in Almont playing in the freezing cold Gunnison River, descending into Steamboat after a 50 mile day on the Mtn Bike. We have enjoyed many laughs, jokes and some pain and accomplishment together. But, my most favorite was with my then 9 and 11 year old girls renting mountain bikes in Big Bear on going on a 4 mile ride with me on some single track. I could do that every day with them.  

What bike do you ride?

For some reason I have been drawn to Specialized, so my mountain bike is a FS Epic Comp WC and my road bike is a Tarmac S-Works. Sadly, yes, only 2 bikes at the moment. But, I see a Canyon in my future.

What are some of your riding goals this season?

Just have some fun and don’t take it too seriously. 

How often do you manage to get out on your bike?

Pretty often the past 3 months getting ready to go from Jupiter to Breckenridge to ride! On average, I will get out 3 to 4 days a week and now we have added a Peloton to the mix so maybe I can stay more consistent year round.

Do you go cycling by yourself or in a group?

Both – and I equally enjoy both. I enjoy a group when I can be around people I enjoy, but more importantly, trust, on a ride. After a couple of crashes, I’ve determined I don’t enjoy them, so being in an environment where I can push myself, safely, is what is most important to me.

Do you listen to music when you’re cycling?

Of course not, especially in a group, Bicycling Rule #62 (Thou shalt not ride with earphones!) Since it’s just you and I reading this, I will confess I have music available if I’m in a solo safe place. Never in the mountains — You must listen to the sounds.

What’s your favorite snack for your rides?

I don’t snack too much when riding. Gels and bars are really about all I take in and no clear favs, except maybe that Montana Huckleberry, that stuff is really good. O’ and I do enjoy the Peter Rabbit Organic fruit snacks. I’ll often have 1 with me if going out for more than a couple hours. 

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