Sign the Petition to Ride Eisenhower Tunnel

Sign the Petition to Ride Eisenhower Tunnel

Members and Friends! We are calling for your help and support. We need you to sign this Petition. You can sign whether you live in Colorado or anywhere else on the planet!

Eisenhower Tunnel is one of the passes our members need to traverse to accomplish the Quest of riding over the 41 improved mountain passes above 10,000 feet in Colorado. Bicycle Passport filed a Special Event Permit with Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) for a bicycle ride through Eisenhower Tunnel which was recently denied (June 13, 2019).

Why is this traverse important to the Colorado cycling community?

Bicycling is an increasingly important part of the multimodal transportation system, it supports the tourism economy in Colorado, and it’s a healthy activity for Coloradans. Bicycle Passport is all about safety and riding with fellow cyclists to discover the fabulous State of Colorado.

How would this event impact traffic?

We feel strongly this event would have minimal impact on traffic.  There are numerous options for a viable,safe and low impact event. It would provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for cyclists while highlighting our state as an unparalleled cycling destination. Our Special Event Permit encompasses two hours at the tunnel as part of a 50 mile ride plan. We’ve examined the data and have sought a permit in the fall for a Sunday morning (light traffic) to allow bicycles to ride through the tunnel. Two (2) hours is all we asked. This is less than .02% of the available hours during the year when motorized traffic uses the tunnel. 

What is the precedent for tunnel and bridge closures for cyclists?

Look around the United States and the World for that matter. Major tunnels and bridges are closed for Special Events everywhere!! Holland tunnels in New York, Interstate 5 in Seattle, Rhode Island Bridge Tour, London, Istanbul, Sydney, etc. Not to mention the Grand Tours in France, Italy, & Spain. These are considered important economic events. We need your signature on this Petition to support the cause as this is a reasonable and responsible request.

If this gets approved, how will you be able to join?

Join the Quest that takes us to 41 mountain passes around the State of Colorado – including the Eisenhower Tunnel. Go to, get your own Passport to start your Quest and check out our gear. We hope you will support our efforts to make it happen!

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