What is a Bicycle Passport?

Your Passport is the beginning of a quest to cycle over 41 Colorado mountain passes, above 10,000 feet. Your quest is a self-directed cycling adventure unlike any other. Your Passport gives you full access to rider resources and amazing trip planning tools.


Plan Your Ride

Log into the Bicycle Passport website to access premium content including route maps, area information and rider reports.


Have Your Adventure

Ride solo or get a crew together. Stamp your Passport each time you conquer a new pass and it will serve as a record of your adventure.

The pace is your own. Remember it is not a race, it is an expedition! The amount of time you dedicate to the Quest is of your own making and on your own schedule.

Rules of Engagement

The following items are required to “Qualify” your ride.

  1. The pass must be ridden UP, OVER and DOWN.
  2. The pass may be completed in any direction.
  3. There must be an elevation gain of 2000 feet in the ascent.
  4. For a pass to count there is minimum of 30 total miles in the ride. Single or multiple passes can be completed within that ride.
  5. In the case where two passes connected with a saddle we simply require that a rider must have ascended 2000 feet before capturing any pass. You may add the total ascent value of #1 to achieve #2.
  6. The pass should be ridden with another member whenever possible. Remember this is about friendship and sharing.
  7. Shout out ample notice of your intent to capture a pass on the BUZZ page. All fellow riders need is the planned route with the location and time for the start.
  8. Bring others in your group and meet new people! Be environmentally sensitive and share vehicles and SAG responsibilities when convenient. This is not a Tour Group it is a neighborly affair, with each rider following the Rules of the Road.

Transportation back to the point of origin: variety of modes from buses and trains, or by involving family, friends and neighbors for SAG (support and gear/grub) help is fun. They too will savor the vista and cherish the fellowship.